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Please Note: We do NOT have a physical Store, so products cannot be collected or viewed in person. We are purely an online store and therefore all purchases are done online, by making use of our secure Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway. We do not ship internationally. We also do not give quotes nor sell seeds and plants in bulk.

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About Seeds and Plants South Africa

Seeds and Plants South Africa, is an Online Seed store, selling a wide range of Seeds including : Vegetable Seeds, Fruit Seeds, Culinary Herb Seeds, Pepper Seeds, Medicinal Herb Seeds, Flower Seeds, Tobacco Seeds, Coffee and Tea Seeds.

We are also an Online Plant store, selling a wide range of Plants as well as Garden Supplies. Additionally we also sell a variety of Dried Herbs, Gourds and Geophytes.

However, we are not merely an online store. We are keen gardeners too. Gardening is not only a hobby for us, it is a passion! We plant most of the seeds that we sell, as a means of quality control, plus it’s always fun to grow something new.

We source our seeds from reputable suppliers locally in South Africa, as well as from global seed suppliers. Additionally many of the seeds that we sell, are harvested from our own plants, which are organically grown. The plants that we sell, are also organically grown by us. We make use of methods such as companion planting for pest control. We also make our own organic pesticides and  organic fertilizers. We do not use any chemical products whatsoever on our plants.

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