Plant – Pineapple Mint

1 small plant = 10cm - 15cm in Height


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Pineapple mint is a variegated mint with a smell of pineapple.

The attractive variegated green and white leaves make it perfect as a garnish and it is very good with desserts. Pineapple Mint has a fresh, fruity aroma that works well with jellies, fruit salads, and ices.

Pineapple mint plants (Mentha suaveolens ‘Variegata’) are among the most attractive varieties of mints. It makes an attractive and fragrant ground cover, and also grows well in containers and hanging baskets.

Pineapple mint is a variegated cultivar of apple mint (Mentha suaveolens). It features attractive, variegated leaves, usually with white margins, on plants that grow up to a foot tall. The leaves are bumpy and hairy and the white edging can make them look as though they are sporting a ruffle. White or light pink flowers bloom on small spikes at the top of the plant in summer. The flowers attract a wide variety of pollinating insects, including bees and butterflies.