What is Store Credit?

Store credit is a monetary value that retailers offer customers instead of a traditional cash refund. If for instance an item is out of stock, we then offer the customer the option to receive a Store Credit OR a Cash Refund, for the out of stock item. The Store credit can be applied as a discount on future purchases. For more information about Cash Refunds, please view our Shipping and Returns Page.

* Please Note: Your store credits will be linked to the email address that you used when placing the original order. If you make a new purchase with a different email address, then you will not be able to redeem the store credits.

Where can I view my available Store Credit Amount?

You can see how much store credit you have available to redeem, by clicking on the Store Credits tab / link in your account dashboard. The store credit amount will also be visible on the checkout page, when you place a new order, as explained below.

How do I Redeem Store Credits?

After adding the items that you want to purchase to the shopping cart, go to the checkout page. You will see that your available store credit balance is displayed on the checkout page. Follow the instructions shown below, in order to apply the store credit to the order total.

* In Step 2 of the process, as shown below, you have to enter the amount of Store Credits that you want to redeem. This means that you have a choice to redeem all your Store Credits at once or you can opt to redeem only a portion of the store credits, saving the remaining store credits for future purchases.