Do you provide certificates with Seeds and Plants?

We do NOT Provide Phytosanitary Certificates.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Currently we DO NOT ship Worldwide. We only ship to customers in South Africa.

Do you offer a warrenty or return option?

We offer NO guarantee on shipments against loss or destruction. There is NO return or warranty on any plants or seeds or any other products that we sell.
The onus is on you as the buyer, to ensure that you look properly at the photos of the plants you intend to buy, as the photos show you exactly what the plant looks like, to make sure that it is indeed the correct plant that you want to buy. Do not order purely based on plant name or description, because often plants have multiple common names worldwide, which can cause confusion. We will NOT refund you for not looking at the photos properly and ordering the wrong plants or the wrong seeds.
The onus is also on you as the buyer to be very careful when you unpack your plant, so as to not break the roots, leaves or stem – We pack the plants properly and will not be held liable should you break or damage the plant upon receipt of the plants or if the plant is damaged by the courier company whilst in transit or during handling of the parcel.
With regards to seeds, although we sell fresh viable seeds, the onus is on you as the buyer, to germinate the seeds correctly. Additionally seed germination ratios can be variable, depending on various factors and we will NOT be liable, should any of the seeds that you have purchased from us, fail to germinate properly

Can you give me a quote?

We do not entertain quote requests at all. All products that we sell, the quantities in which they are available and their pricing, is clearly listed on our online store. All purchases are done online, by using our secure shopping cart and payment gateway.

I had items in my shopping cart, but it is now no longer there. Why was my order cancelled?

We have limited stock of each item and therefore use a stock management system on our online store. When you add an item to the shopping cart, that item is reserved for your order. If you do not pay for your order within 90mins, the order will be automatically cancelled, to give other buyers the opportunity to buy the item.

Do you have a printed catalogue?

No we do not. Our online store is a paperless inventory listing, which includes detailed plant profiles, many plant images and growing instructions.

Can I collect my order?

No you can’t collect your order. The order will be shipped out to you via courier.

Do you sell seeds in bulk?

No, we do not currently sell seeds in bulk.