Do you have a shop where I can go to buy directly or where I can go to collect my order?

We do not have a physical shop. We are purely an online store, therefore all purchases are made online and you also can’t collect your order. The order will be shipped out to you via courier.

How do I place an order?

Please click on this link for step by step instructions on how to place an order on our online store:

How do I pay for my order?

Please click on this link for more information regarding payment options and making payments on our online store:

I do not want to pay for my order online. Can I have your bank details to make a direct bank deposit?

We do not offer manual eft or direct bank deposits into our bank account, as a payment option. All Payments must be made online via the Payfast Payment Gateway. The reason for this is that our stock management system, order related emails and invoices are automated and triggered once payment has been made via the Payfast payment gateway. Additionally, the use of the Payfast payment gateway is for our protection as well as for the protection of our customers.

How is my order packaged?

Please click on this link for more information regarding how we package our products:

Where do I find the growing guides for my order?

The growing guides are available in PDF format. You can find and download the growing guides in these 3 places:

  1. Once you place an order and have paid for the order, then on the thank you page you will see links to download the growing guides.
  2. The order email that is sent to you once you have paid for your order, contains a section at the top of the email titled “Downloads”. You will see links in that section where you can download the individual growing guides for each of the seed varieties that you have ordered.
  3. You can also download the growing guides on the downloads page of your account. Please note that if you checked out as a Guest, and you did not create an account first or during the checkout process, then you will not be able to login to the account section.

I need an invoice for my order. Where do I find the invoice?

You can view and download a copy of the invoice on the order page of you account. Please note that if you checked out as a Guest, and you did not create an account first or during the checkout process, then you will not be able to login to the account section.

Where do I find the tracking number for my parcel that has been shipped?

  1. Once your parcel has been shipped, we email the waybill number and tracking link to you.
  2. You can also retrieve the waybill number and tracking link on the Order Tracking page in your account. Please note that if you checked out as a Guest, and you did not create an account first or during the checkout process, then you will not be able to login to the account section.
  3. To retrieve the waybill number from the Order Tracking page, simply enter your Order Number (without the hashtag) in the tracking box and press the “Track” button. The email that we have sent to you with the waybill number and tracking link, will then be displayed as the order tracking result.
  4. Your order number is displayed on the Orders link in your account, but the order number can also be found in the confirmation email that you should have received when you placed the order.

I placed multiple orders on the same day because I forgot to include some items in my first order. Can you combine the orders and refund me for the shipping costs of the additional orders?

  1. Unfortunately we cannot combine the orders and we cannot refund you for the shipping costs that you have paid for the additional orders.
  2. If you place an order and afterwards realize that there are additional items that you forgot to include in your order, then please contact us and give us a list of the additional items that you want to be included in your order. We will then send you a Payfast payment link, for you to pay for the additional items. The additional items will be included in your order once payment has been received. Please do note though, that you must contact us within 1 hour of placing the order if you want to add additional items to the order. If you contact us after 1 hour of the order placement, we may not be able to assist, as we may have already packaged your parcel for shipment.

Do you sell seeds in bulk?

No, we do not currently sell seeds in bulk.

I had items in my shopping cart, but it is now no longer there. Why was my order cancelled?

We have limited stock of each item and therefore use a stock management system on our online store. When you add an item to the shopping cart, that item is reserved for your order. If you do not pay for your order within 60 mins (1 hour), the order will be automatically cancelled, to give other buyers the opportunity to buy the item.

Do you ship Worldwide?

We DO NOT ship Worldwide. We only ship to customers in South Africa.

Can you give me a quote?

We do not entertain quote requests at all. All products that we sell, the quantities in which they are available and their pricing, is clearly listed on our online store. All purchases are done online, by using our secure shopping cart and payment gateway.

Do you have a printed catalogue?

No we do not. Our online store is a paperless inventory listing, which includes detailed plant profiles, many plant images and growing instructions.

Why are some of the images on your website watermarked?

All watermarked images on our website, are photos that we took of our own plants. We watermark those images for copyright protection. The images that are not watermarked, are stock images or images supplied to us by our suppliers.

Where do you source your seeds?

Many of the seed varieties that we sell are seeds harvested from our own plants. We also source seeds from reliable seed suppliers in South Africa and Internationally. If a particular seed variety is harvested from our own plants, then this will be clearly stated on the individual product page.

Are all the seeds that you sell organic?

At Seeds and Plants we sell seeds from external suppliers as well as seeds harvested from our own plants. Not all the seeds that we sell from external suppliers are organic. However, the seeds harvested from our own plants and which we do sell on this website, are 100% organic, open-pollinated and untreated. For more in depth information regarding the different seed types or terms, please read the article at this link:

Do you provide certificates with Seeds and Plants?

We do NOT Provide Phytosanitary Certificates.

Do you charge VAT?

No, we do not charge VAT and we are not VAT registered. As a small business in the form of a sole proprietorship, our annual turnover does not meet the R1 million threshold that makes it compulsory for a company or an individual to be a VAT vendor.

Do you offer a warranty or return option?

We offer NO guarantee on shipments against destruction. There is NO return or warranty on any plants or seeds or any other products that we sell.

  1. The onus is on you as the buyer, to ensure that you look properly at the photos of the plants you intend to buy, as the photos show you exactly what the plant looks like. So do make sure that you look at the photos properly, to ensure that you order the the correct plant or seeds. Do not order purely based on plant name or description, because often plants have multiple common names worldwide, which can cause confusion. We will NOT refund you for not looking at the photos properly and ordering the wrong plants or the wrong seeds.
  2. The onus is also on you as the customer to be very careful when you unpack your plant, so as to not break the roots, leaves or stem – We pack the plants properly and will not be held liable should you break or damage the plant upon receipt of the plants or if the plant is damaged by the courier company whilst in transit or during handling of the parcel.
  3. Although we sell fresh viable seeds, seed germination ratios can be variable, depending on various factors such as Planting Season, Soil type & texture, Moisture, Soil pH, Soil salinity, Light, Temperature, Seed predators, Seed planting depth and much more. Additionally seed germination methods and cultivation practices, vary from person to person.
    All these factors mentioned above are beyond our control. Therefore seed purchases are non-refundable and non-returnable. We will NOT be liable nor will we refund you, should any of the seeds that you have purchased from us, fail to germinate properly. We also do not issue refunds based on a water floating test or any other test.
    You can view all our Shipping and Returns policies at this link:
  4. Even though we have implicit trust in the courier company that we use, it may happen that a parcel is lost or damaged during the shipping process. Should the parcel be lost by the courier company, we will notify the customer and offer the customer the option to receive a Store Credit OR a Refund via Payfast for the lost parcel. Should the parcel be damaged by the courier company, we will not be liable to refund the customer nor will we be liable to replace the damaged items in the parcel.