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Pepino Melon belongs to the genus Solanum and is also known as pepino dulce. Pepino is perennial evergreen plant, grow in mediterranean, subtropical, tropic climates. It grows well in South Africa’s climate as well.

Pepino Melon tree is a small, evergreen shrub bearing purple flowers followed by deliciously sweet, smooth, oval shaped fruit. The skin of the fruit turns light creamy-yellow with purple stripes when fully ripe.

The flowers of pepino plants are hermaphrodites, having both male and female organs, and are pollinated by insects.  Pepino plants may be grown in sandy, loamy or even heavy clay soils, although they prefer alkaline, well-draining soil with an acid neutral pH.
Pepinos should be planted in sun exposure and in moist soil. Sow the pepino seeds in the early spring indoors or in a warm greenhouse. Once they have attained enough size to transplant, transfer into individual pots but keep them in the greenhouse for their first winter. Once they are a year old, transfer the pepino plants outside to their permanent location in the late spring or early summer after the danger of frost has passed. Protect from frost or cold temperatures. Overwinter indoors or inside the greenhouse.

Pepino plants do not set fruit until the night temperatures are over 18 C. The fruit matures 30-80 days after pollination. Harvest the pepino fruit just before it is fully ripe and it will store at room temp for several weeks.

The seeds on offer are fresh seeds, harvested from my own Pepino Melon plants.