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Blueberry Legacy (Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Legacy’) is a vigorous and productive grower and a highbush variety of blueberry. They grow to between 5-9 feet in height. They require the most consistent pruning of the blueberry varieties. Highbush blueberry varieties are more disease resistant than other blueberry varieties and as a highbush cultivar Blueberry Legacy is self-fertile.
Blueberry Legacy produces medium to large-sized, medium blue, firm fruit with a very superior flavor and sweetness. This is an attractive landscape plant and a heavy producer of delicious fruit. Fruit size is consistently medium to large and very attractive. The fruit is great eaten fresh with fine flavor, firmness and appearance. It also exhibits a long shelf life for storage.

Growing Blueberry Legacy from Seed
The seeds need to be cold stratified for 90 days before planting them out. Once the 90 days have elapsed, the seeds can be used immediately or kept in the freezer until you are ready to plant them. Blueberry seed planting should commence in autumn in warm climates and in the spring in colder climates.
Plant the seed in dampened sphagnum peat moss in seed trays and cover them with ¼ inch of soil. Keep the medium consistently moist. Be patient as blueberry seed may take six to eight weeks to germinate, some not for three months. Keep the seeds in a warm, sunny area 15-21C. The seedlings once sprouted, will look like grass with a few tiny leaves atop.

During the first year the seedlings may get no taller than 5-6 inches in height. Once the blueberry bush seed plants are big enough to transplant, move them into pots in a sunny, warm area and keep moist. Blueberry plants like alkaline soil. The plants will bear fruit during year two when the plant is 1-2 feet tall.

For best fruiting, prune the oldest lower branches in late winter. With this care, these plants are high yielding and very consistent year after year.