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The Star Fruit tree bears a fruit called Carambola, or star fruit. It is the fruit of Averrhoa carambola, a species of tree native to tropical Southeast Asia. The fruit is commonly consumed throughout Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Micronesia, and parts of East Asia. The tree is cultivated throughout tropical areas.

The fruit has distinctive ridges running down its sides (usually five but can occasionally vary); when cut in cross-section, it resembles a star, hence its name. The entire fruit is edible and is usually eaten out of hand. They may also be used in cooking and can be made into relishes, preserves, and juice drinks. The entire fruit is edible, including the slightly waxy skin. The flesh is crunchy, firm, and extremely juicy. It does not contain fibers and has a texture similar in consistency to that of grapes. Ripe carambolas may also be used in cooking. In Southeast Asia, they are usually stewed in cloves and sugar, sometimes with apples. In China, they are cooked with fish. In Australia, they are cooked as a vegetable, pickled, or made into jams. In Jamaica they are sometimes dried.

How to grow Star Fruit Tree from Seed
No pre-treatment or stratification is needed to sprout starfruit seeds, but seeds benefit from a 24-hour soak in water prior to planting. Place the seed on the surface of the soil. Spread a very thin layer of medium over the seed, then tamp it down lightly to increase contact. Do not cover starfruit seeds with a thick layer of medium; the seed should be visible beneath the medium, but still covered. Watch for sprouts in one to two weeks, depending on the season. Starfruit seedlings grow rapidly and should be transplanted into containers filled with sandy, loam-based potting soil as soon as they produce two or more sets of leaves. Grow them in their container for at least two full seasons, then plant in the ground in spring after the soil has warmed up. Or you can keep growing your start fruit tree in a container, as they do well in containers. High temperatures bring out the best in Star Fruit plants. In the summer, it is an active grower, flowering and fruiting in abundance. Full sun is a requirement for the best flowering and fruit set.