Motherwort Medicinal Uses

Motherwort Medicinal Uses

Motherwort Medicinal uses include helping the heart and women’s disorders. It is a herb in the mint family.  Other common names include throw-wort, lion’s ear, and lion’s tail.

A spiky, clumping perennial herb that can reach up to five feet tall,with dark green leaves and furry purple or pink flowers. Motherwort is often found growing wild, especially in wet areas such as floodplains and riverbanks, or along streams.

Motherwort Medicinal Uses Overview

For centuries, this bitter-tasting herb has been used by mothers, and it was a very common medicine prescribed by midwives.

  • It has a history of being used to reduce stress during childbirth, postpartum depression, and menopause symptoms, as well as helping to regulate menstrual cycles and reduce symptoms of PMS.
  • It is also utilized as a nervous system support, specifically to reduce anxiety, irritability, and panic attacks, especially when stress is associated with heart palpitations.
  • In ancient China, it was thought to promote longevity.

CAUTION: High quantities can cause nausea and taking motherwort may have an adverse interaction with other medications. Do not use motherwort during pregnancy.

Motherwort Herbal Preparations and Uses

Parts Used: Leaves, flowers, and stems. Fresh is better, but it can also be used in dried form.

The ideal time to harvest Motherwort is in early to midsummer, just as the plant is beginning to flower. The large, soft leaves in can also be harvested during the pre-flowering stage. Once the herb has finished flowering, it quickly loses its vitality, so harvesting must be done before flowering.

  • Tea
  • Tincture
  • Infusion

Motherwort Herbal Recipes

Whether you are using fresh or dried motherwort, it should be chopped, crushed, or ground into small pieces.

Motherwort Tintcure

  • Fill a glass jar one-half to two-thirds full with the crushed fresh or dried herb, and cover it with 100-proof vodka.
  • Let this sit for 4 to 6 weeks in a dark cupboard, shaking daily to agitate the mixture.
  • Strain out the herb. The final product should look very dark and have a bitter taste.
  • It should keep for several years in your pantry if stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark location.
  • To hide the bitter taste, you can dilute doses of tincture in tea or water before consuming.

Motherwort Infused Vinegar

  • Fill a jar halfway with dried herb or three-fourths full with fresh.
  • Cover with your vinegar of choice.
  • Place a lid on the jar. Let the jar sit in the pantry for a month, shaking daily.
  • Strain out the solids, and keep in a cool, dark, dry spot. It should stay fresh for one to two years.

Motherwort Tea

  • Pour one cup of near boiling water over one Tbsp of Motherwort.
  • Cover and steep for 15-20 minutes.
  • Strain and drink. Honey can be added to the tea to mask the bitter taste.



Medical Disclaimer

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